How do I create a new group?

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2016 11:41AM PDT
Note: Group Messaging is currently only available to Business package users.

You can create a contact group in the Zipwhip application that can include a maximum of 50 contacts. A contact group enables you to send a regular message or scheduled message to 50 different contacts at one time. Multiple contact groups cannot be included in a single text message.
The contacts that you include in a group must be existing contacts that appear in the Contacts list. If you want to add a contact to a group, then you must first add the contact to the Zipwhip contact list.
When you name a contact group, the name that you assign to the group can be a maximum of 255 characters. Note: It is possible to create groups with the identical names.
You can edit a contact group, which means that you can add or delete contacts from the group. You can also change the name of the contact group or change the profile image. When you complete and save your new contact group, the group appears in your list of contacts.
You use the New Group command on the Zipwhip main menu to display the New Group dialog box.
To create a new Contact Group:
1. On the Zipwhip main menu, click New Group.
2. The New Group dialog box appears.
3. In the Group Name box, type the name you want to assign to the group.
4. To add a Group Image, click Choose File.
5. In the “Open” dialog box, find and select the appropriate image, and then click Open.
6. To add contacts to your group, you can either:
     • In the “Type name or mobile number” box, start typing the name or mobile telephone number of the contact you want to add. When the appropriate contact appears, select the contact to add them to the group.
     • In the “Type name or mobile number” box, click the Contact list down arrow to display the Contact list. Use the scroll bar to find, and then select, the appropriate contact.
     •  When you add a contact to the group, the Contact list closes.
7. Repeat adding contacts until you complete your group. When you finish, click Save And Close.

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