How to import a contact list

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2017 04:26PM PST
You can import contacts from other sources into the Zipwhip application.

To import contacts, the contacts must first be entered into a spreadsheet. The contacts can then be imported from the spreadsheet into the application.
To import contacts into the Zipwhip application, you must use the web version of the application with one of the following browsers:

     • Chrome
     • Firefox
     • Safari

Note: Internet Explorer is NOT a compatible browser option for importing contacts
When creating the spreadsheet of contacts, type or paste the entire telephone number in one cell. Do not enter the area code in one cell and the local number in another cell. The format of the number does not matter. For example, if you type any of the following:

     •  4251112222
     •  425 111 2222 
     •  425-111-2222
     •  (425)-111 2222
     •  (425)-111-2222
     •  (425)1112222

Then Zipwhip always converts the result into:

     •  (425) 111-2222
When you import the contacts into the application, if the telephone number for the contact is not valid, then the contact does not appear in the list of new contacts. If a contact does not appear as expected, then verify that the telephone number for that contact is operating.

     •  Internet Explorer is not compatible with importing contacts. All other Zipwhip features are compatible with Internet Explorer Version 9 and higher.
     •  A maximum of 50 contacts can be imported at a time.
To import contacts from a spreadsheet into Zipwhip application:
1. Create a spreadsheet with the following column headings:
     • Column A = Phone Number
     • Column B = First Name
     • Column C = Last Name

Note: Please see the attachment below for a pre- formatted spreadsheet.

2. Add the phone numbers, first names, and last names of all the contacts to be imported.

3. Copy the following formula and paste into cell D2: =A2&" "&B2&" "&C2&","
When you paste the formula into cell D2, the phone number, first name, and last name auto-populate in the cell.

4. Copy the formula in cell D2 and paste in all the appropriate rows in Column D. 

5. Copy the resulting column of contacts. Remember, the maximum number of contacts you can import is 50.

6. Log in to the web version of the Zipwhip application, click New Text, and then paste the list of contacts in the “Type name or mobile number” box. When you paste the list of contacts, the last contact is visible in the “Type name or mobile number” box.

7. Click in the “Type a message box” and the contacts appear as individual contacts above the “Type name or mobile number” box.
8. You can either send a message to the imported contacts or close the message without sending.
9. To view the imported contacts, click Settings, and then click Manage Contacts. You can scroll through the list to verify that the imported contacts have been successfully saved.

* Please note, we recommend uploading up to 1,000 contacts only for optimal use. Once this limit has been reached, system load times may slow down when accessing contact information or when searching/displaying contact names. This is a known limitation; our development team is working to address and optimize overall contact management functionality. 

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